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26/06/11 - Loch Builg
Mountain Biking followed by a BBQ.
(more photos at facebook.com/braemarmrt)

22/05/11 - Linn of Dee
Gorge rescue training.

24/04/11 - Glen Dee
Recent call out to assist an injured mountain biker.

24/04/11 - The Stuic
Rope work on The Stuic.

24/03/11 - Coire Kander & Coire Sputan Dearg
Over the past week the team has been training in various areas. Shown are photos from a training session in Coire Kander in Glen Callater where various exercises of taking a casualty out of a gully were gone through. Today saw some of the lads in Coire Sputan Dearg loooking at various snow belays, the weather was rather nice as you can see but unfortunately the snow was soft, you can't have it all!

12/03/11 - Glas Tulaichean
Recent call out.

03/03/11 - Pass of Ballater
Technical cliff rescue training.

20/02/11 - Dubh Loch
Another poor visibility day..... winter anchors and belays close to Dubh Loch.

18/02/11 - Ben Macdui & The Glenshee Hills
The last couple of days saw team members out on winter skills training in the MacDui area and thereafter the Glenshee hills, as you can see conditions were mixed with a lot of navigation work carried out.

20/01/11 - Ben a' Bhuird
Over the past few days members have been enjoying the conditions out with "Team South" (Allan Dennis and Sandy Allan) of the Scottish Avalanche Information Service. Today we had to endure brilliant conditions and headed into the Ben a' Bhuird. From the North top area back down to the Quoich area it took us 13 minutes to descend, A braw day oot.

16/01/11 - River Lossie
At times team members are asked to assist Grampian Police in non mountain related incidents. Last Sunday involved a search of the River Lossie and its surrounds. Our maritime branch was out in strength.

06/01/11 - Craigendarroch
This evening's training consisted of a mock rescue on the side of Craigendarroch. The team searched the area to locate the "casualty" who was then stretched off the hill.

06/01/11 - Dubh Loch
Today saw a few of the team head into the Dubh Loch area and carry out some Winter skills in the area of Funeral Fall (IV) in the Broad Cairn Bluffs.

21/12/10 - Carn an Tuirc
11 members of the Braemar team and friends embarked on a night ski for the shortest day (winter solstice). Leaving the A93 in Glen Clunie the group ascended Carn an Tuirc aided by the full moon, cloudless skies and frosted powder snow. Conditions were excellent and the moonlit ski off was a memorable one.

16/12/10 - Glen Callater
Avalanche exercise Glen Callater. Being closely followed by a BBC radio scotland crew. The pile of snow in the centre of the shot is a buried member of BBC staff who was duly rescued! Extra fresh snow blowing about.

9/12/10 - Glenshee
Training today - Looking across to a snow stipped ski centre. Lots of skiers but a wet old day. The golf buggy enjoying the snow.

2/12/10 - Carn a Gheoidh
Today a group of team members headed out onto Carn a Gheoidh for a ski tour with some time being spent on snow anchors and navigation. A reasonable depth of soft unconsolidated snow covers the plateau area and touring conditions were variable. Localized cloud cover seemed to be the theme of the day, however we were afforded a nice sunset on returning into the ski area at the end of the day.

18/11/10 - Lochnagar
Today saw some of the team head into the Corrie of Lochnagar for some winter skills, where some snow belays, avalanche assesment and transceiver work were covered. Conditions were wintry and one Avalanche was witnessed coming from the Central gully area.

31/10/10 - Lochnagar
Today's training consisted of the team carrying out a excercise in the Sunset Buttress area of Lochnagar where Allan Murdoch was lowered down to Ray who had managed to get himself stuck on the crag, thereafter there was a wee stretcher carry out of the Corrie to Meikle Pap coll which kept us warm !

The photos show Allan Murdoch about to be lowered down and the two spider belays in which 2 Petzl I/D's are connected to for the lower.

24/10/10 - Dubh Loch
Today saw a few of the lads head into the Dubh Loch and up into Central Gully. As you can see conditions were wintry with a fair amount of new snow and some decent ice forming on the higher reaches of the face. Here we see Gordon enjoying himself ascending the gully. Is winter here already?

17/10/10 - Glen Derry
Today saw some of the guys doing a bit of work in vehicle recovery after one of the teams ATV vehicles broke down near to the Hutchison hut, a fustrating job !

You can see the vehicle fording a burn in Glen Derry prior to its wee breakdown..

30/09/10 - Ben MacDui
Today saw a few of the team head up into Ben MacDui over Derry Cairngorm to carry out some maintenance on the 1st aid box. The box is situated high in the Macdui area and holds a stretcher, first aid kit and other essentials which otherwise would have to be carried up from Derry Lodge.

The group enjoyed a fine autumn's day with a visit to the top of MacDui where there were quite a few folk on the hill. Descent was made via carn a'Mhaim with ground orientation work being carried out, going by the forecast they picked the right day.

23/09/10 - Capel Mounth
At the end of a recent call out.

29/08/10 - Dubh Loch
Training on Creag an Dubh Loch.

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