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22/06/14 - Derry Lodge
Aircraft familiarisation and winching practice with Rescue 137.

25/05/14 - Linn of Dee
Training today saw us at the Linn of Dee utilising a Tyrolean cable way and our Larkin frame. We also took the opportunity to demonstrate our techniques to Seb Coulthard from Shackleton Epic who gave us an extremely interesting talk on Saturday night.

18/04/14 - Lochnagar
Rescue 137 lifting the injured ski mountaineer from Lochnagar.

18/04/14 - Lochnagar
A video of Rescue 137 attending the call out at Lochnagar.

10/04/14 - Coire Kander
Recent training.

28/03/14 - Lochnagar
Two climbers were rescued from the top pitch of Raeburn's Gully on Lochnagar.
(hover over images for details)

13/03/14 - Lochnagar
The first-aid box on Lochnagar's corrie has been successfully found and dug out; there was 2.5 m compacted snow above it. Whilst we were there we witnessed numerous avalanches/cornice collapses down Parallel A, B and Raeburn's. This one down Parallel A sent debris to within 100m of the loch. The apron below the major gullies is not a good place to be right now; and there are still some big cornices in both corries.

23/02/14 - Inver Quarry
Sunday's training was moved to a low level crag due to the avalanche risk on Lochnagar. The picture of Lochnagar after Sunday's thaw confirms it was the right decision.

19/02/14 - Snowholing
Some of the team were out on a snow-holing overnight exercise. It was good until temperatures rose early Thursday morning and everything started to drip.

15/02/14 - Argo XTI
The newest addition to the team fleet: the Argo XTI. Originally an ATV designed for checking pipelines in the Canadian Arctic; the Argo will serve as a combined winter and summer fast-and-light vehicle for access to remote areas. Given the depth of snow cover on the high tops this year, these lightweight rubber tracks are a worthwhile addition…

02/02/14 - Carn an Tuirc
Team training near Carn an Tuirc; good conditions for winter skills.

25/01/14 - Lochaber
A couple of photos from this weekend's MRC of S Avalanche rescue course held at Lochaber this weekend, these are taken from in and around the CIC hut.

19/01/14 - Meall Odhar
Avalanche training; mostly spent in the rain/sleet zone!

05/01/14 - Coire Sputan Dearg
Photographs from the callout with Aberdeen MRT and Rescue 137.

22/11/13 - November Conditions
Recent training.

10/11/13 - Lochnagar
A video of Rescue 177 attending the call out at Lochnagar.

10/11/13 - Lochnagar
Some photos from today's call out.

03/11/13 - Winter
Some shots of the snow cover.

28/10/13 - Cairn Toul
Searching for two missing walkers who had been staying at Corrour Bothy. Eventually found at 0800hrs on Tuesday 29th, MRT searching east ridge of Cairn Toul found the missing people sheltering between rocks. They were cold, wet and exhausted but after some assistance were able to descend below cloud level with MRT to a point where R137 was able to airlift them back to Braemar.

28/10/13 - Braemar Mountain Rescue goes global
Alan Dennis and Chester who have spent a number of the last few winters working with us and the SAIS. You can read more about Alan and Chester in this BBC report.

05/09/13 - Linn of Quoich
Day was spent practicing the set up of a tyrolean highline rope rescue over the gorge below the Devil's Punchbowl.

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